LCD Digital 47" Totem

LCD Digital Totem, with a vertical 47 "screen, which diplays digital content - video, pictures, audio, and more.

The LCD digital totem has a built-in media player that restricts unauthorized access and automatically loads the ad content when the display is turned on or restarted.

It has a premium design with elegant shapes made of high quality materials.

Content management is controlled by a SD card / USB drive or remotely, with an Internet platform.


  • Simultaneous updating the ad content on multiple widgets
  • Street level location - you know exactly where your device is;
  • The display turns on and off utomatically;
  • Sound management;
  • Real-time broadcast;
  • Programming the broadcasted content by days and hours;
  • Multi-screen;
  • Merging multiple displays into groups;
  • Statistics.


Perfect solution for businesses with many brands - LCD is the perfect multibrand display.

It increases sales, creates customer loyalty and provides the customer with an unique experience.

Application: retail outlets, hotels, malls, restaurants, casinos, information centers, museums, cinemas, travel agencies and others.

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