Crystal LCD Display 15.6" for shelf

Crystal LCD Display - Digital Signage for shelf !

Crystal LCD Display is an unique advertising display, combining a LCD display 15.6" integrated in a LED illuminated panel, creating an illuminated edge around the LCD.

The Crystal LCD Display has a very applealing design. It immediately grabs attention and impresses with a modern and innovative vision, dynamic content and effective illuminated edges (incl. RGB).


The professional LCD display has a HD resolution, wide viewing angle (178o), high contrast and brightness, suitable for commercial use 24/7.

Content: jpg ,flash, audio, video


Depending on content management we offer 2 different types of displays:

Stand Alone, with Plug&Play function  -  content changed  with a SD /USB.

Digital Signage Network -our Digital Signage software allows easy content upload and device monitoring from a centralized point.

Content upload SD card, flash drive
digital signage software
LCD 15.6"
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